Bronzed Drongo

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Dicrurus aeneus
Nepali Name: सानो  चिबे (Sano Chibe)

Hair-crested Drongo

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Dicrurus hottentotus
Nepali Name: केशराज चिबे Keshraj Chibe

1. Its scientific name reminds me of a tongue twister:
If a Hottentot tutor taught a Hottentot tot
to talk ‘ere the tot could totter,
Ought the Hottentot be taught to say aught?
Or, what ought to be taught her?
If to hoot and toot a Hottentot tot
Be taught by a Hottentot tutor,
Should the tutor get hot if the Hottentot tot
Hoots and toots at the Hottentot tutor?

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/hi/funnyspring/page3.html
2. The bird was aggressively guarding the silk-cotton tree it was feeding on, letting only other hair-crested drongos to share it. Parakeets and Mynahs were mercilessly chased away.

White-bellied Drongo

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Dicrurus caerulescens
Nepali Name: ध्वाँसे चीबे (Dhwase Chibe)

Black Drongo

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Nepali name: कालो चिबे (Kaalo Chibe)