Annapurna Circuit Trek

Oriental Honey-Buzzard

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Pernis ptilorhyncus
Nepali Name: मधुहा Madhuha

1. Despite its name it has none of the behavior of the buzzards well except perhaps it has variable plumage.

Rock Bunting

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Emberiza cia
Nepali Name: शिला बगेडी Shila Bagedi

Crimson Sunbird

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Aethopyga siparaja
Nepali Name: सिपराजा बुङ्गेचरा Sipraja Bungechara

1. National Bird of Singapore.

Chestnut-tailed Starling

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Sturnia malabarica
Nepali Name: फुस्रोटाउके सारौं Fusrotauke Sarau

Ashy Bulbul

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Hemixos flavala
Nepali Name: फुस्रोपेटे जुरेली Phusro Pete Jureli

White-throated Redstart

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Phoenicurus schisticeps
Nepali Name: सेतोकण्ठे खञ्जरी Seto Kanthe Khanjari


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Alectoris chukar
Nepali Name: च्याखुरा Chyakhura / चुकर Chukar

1. Every village near Manang is filled with the incessant chuck-chukor of this bird during the mornings. Was seen going around in large parties in early May near Manang.
2. National bird of Pakistan.