Plumbeous Water Redstart

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Rhyacornis fuliginosus
Nepali name: निलाम्बर जलखञ्जरी (Nilambar Jalkhanjari)

Highly territorial.

Bonelli’s Eagle

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Aquila fasciata
Nepali Name: मोरङ्गी चील (Morangi Cheel)

1. Observed hunting from a perch during the current visit but does hunt on the wing.

Common Greenshank

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Tringa nebularia
Nepali Name: टिमटिमा (Timtimaa)

Little Ringed Plover

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Charadrius dubius
Nepali Name: लधु राजपुत्रिका Laghu Rajputrika

Northern Lapwing

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Vanellus vanellus
Nepali Name: जुरे हुट्टिट्याउ Jure Huttityau

Northern Shoveler

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Anas clypeata
Nepali Name:
बेल्चाठूँडे हाँस Belcha Thude Haans

Northern Shoveler
Jagadishpur Reservoir, Kapilvastu, Nepal. 110 m. 4 February, 2017. Photo: Ashish Shrestha.
Jagadishpur Reservoir, Kapilvastu, Nepal. 110 m. 5 February, 2017. Photo: Ashish Shrestha.
Northern Shoveler female Bagmati Kathmandu Nepal Bird Photography
Chobhar, Kathmandu, Nepal. 1270m. 29 November, 2014. Photo: Ashish Shrestha.

Grey Heron

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Ardea cinerea
Nepali Name: फुस्रो बकुल्ला
Fusro Bakulla

Grey-headed Lapwing

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Vanellus cinereus
Nepali name: राज हुटीट्याउ (Raj Huttittyau)

1. The Bagmati River by Chobhar is one of the best places in Nepal for these winter visitors. At least 150 individuals in a small stretch of the river during the current visit. November-January is the best time to see these birds here.
2. They congregate in huge flocks around 10 am.
3. Bonelli’s Eagle prey on these birds in this locality.

White Wagtail

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Motacilla alba
Nepali name: सेतो टिकटिके (Seto Tiktike)

1. Communal roosters. Always found in the vicinity of water. Winter visitor.
2. As many as 6 subspecies recorded in Nepal.
3. Beautiful undulating flight.

Asian Stonechat (Common Stonechat)

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Saxicola maurus
Nepali Name: झेकझेक झ्यापसी (Jhekjhek Jhyapsi)