Crested Serpent Eagle

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Spilornis cheela
Nepali Name: काकाकुल (Kakakul)

Crested Serpent Eagle Nepal
Crested Serpent Eagle. Bardiya National Park, Bardiya, Nepal. 315 meters / 1,033 feet. 21 August, 2022. Photo: Ashish Shrestha.


  1. As its name suggests it is specialized reptile hunter, feeding on well snakes and lizards.
  2. Calls incessantly

Rufous Treepie

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Dendrocitta vagabunda
Nepali Name: कोकले (Kokale)

1. Even though it lives in close proximity to human beings is rather wary.

Richard’s Pipit

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Anthus richardi
Nepali Name: हिँउदे चुइयाँ (Hiude Chuiya)

Puff-throated Babbler

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Pellorneum ruficeps
Nepali Name: थोप्ले भ्याकुर (Thople Bhyakur)

Himalayan Flameback

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Dinopium shorii
Nepali Name: तिनऔँले लाहाँचे (Tinaunle Lahache)

Greater Flameback

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Chrysocolaptes lucidus
Nepali Name: गर्ढनथोप्ले लाहाँचे (Gardanthople Lahache)

Great Tit

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Parus major
Nepali Name: चिचिल्कोटे (Chichilkote)