Verditer Flycatcher

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Eumyias thalassinus
Nepali Name: नीलतुथे अर्जुनक Niltuthe Arjunak

1. The prettiest bird that heralds the coming of summer in Kathmandu. Goes to lower altitudes and southern India during the winters.
2. Evidently they get their color from the structure of the feathers rather than pigments. See:
3. Unlike other flycatchers it changes posts rather frequently during its aerial forays.
4. Reacts to playback.

Dark-breasted Rosefinch

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Procarduelis nipalensis
Nepali Name: नेपाल तितु Nepal Titu

Altai Accentor

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Prunella himalayana
Nepali Name: अल्ताई लेकचरी Altai Lekchari

Blue Whistling Thrush

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Myophonus caeruleus
Nepali Name: कल्चौडे Kalchaude

1. Very few mountain streams do not have these birds for company.
2. Rather melodious call. Call variations.