Oriental Turtle Dove

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Streptopelia orientlais
Nepali Name: तामे ढुकुर Taame Dhukur

1. Common bird subject to altitudinal migration. Found as much around cultivation as in forests during winter.
2. Drinks frequently.
3. Breeds around June and the male has an interesting breeding display in which it flies into the air and comes down with outspread wings and tails.
4. As to why this bird is called “turtle dove”, well obviously I don’t think it has anything to do with turtles whatsoever. I guess that it must be an onomatopoetic rendition of its call. I can actually hear it go “turr turr turrtle….turr turr turtle….. Hear for yourself:
Here is a link to the call of its European counterpart, which seems to struggle to say the word turtle.

Spotted Dove

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Spilopelia chinensis
Nepali name: कुर्ले ढुकुर (Kurle Dhukur)