Everest Trek

Rufous-vented Tit

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Periparus rubidiventris
Nepali Name: सेतोगर्दने चिचिल्कोटे Setogardane Chichilkote

White-winged Grosbeak

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Mycerobas carnipes
Nepali Name: धूपी महाँठूँड Dhupi Mahathund

Coal Tit

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Periparus ater
Nepali Name: सानो फुस्रे चिचिल्कोटे Sano Fusre Chichilkote

Coal Tit in Langtang
Thangsyap, Langtang Valley Trek, Nepal. Saturday, November 2, 2019 at 7:33 AM Photo: Sadeep Dangol.
Coal Tit
Lower Pangboche (Everest Base Camp Trek), Solukhumbu, Nepal. 3,950m. 13 January, 2015. Photo: Ashish Shrestha

White-browed Rosefinch

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Carpodacus thura
Nepali Name: पंखथोप्ले ठूलोतितु Pankhathople Thulotitu

Kalij Pheasant

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Lophura leucomelanos
Nepali Name: कालिज Kalij

Red-headed Bullfinch

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Pyrrhula erythrocephala
Nepali Name: रातोटाउके टिउँटिउँ Ratotauke Tiutiu

Black-faced Laughingthrush

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Trochalopteron affine
Nepali Name: कानटाटे तोरीगाँडा Kantate Torigaanda

1. Kali Gandaki Valley is the western boundary for this species.
2. Sings from a prominent position during mornings. Found in pairs during the breeding season.

Golden Eagle

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Aquila chrysaetos
Nepali Name: सुपर्ण महाचील Suparna Mahacheel

1. One of the most ferocious and boldest of the hunters.

Rufous Sibia

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Heterophasia capistrata
Nepali Name: सिबिया Sibia

1. Very noisy.

Streaked Laughingthrush

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Trochalopteron lineatum
Nepali Name: छिर्के तोरीगाँडा Chirke Torigaada

1. Doesn’t congregate in large parties.
2. Whistler mentions that the nests of this bird is frequently parasitized by Indian and Pied Crested Cuckoo.