Jungle Babbler

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Turdoides striata
Nepali Name: बगाले भ्याकुर (Bagale Bhyakur)

1. Also known as the Seven Sisters or Saath Bhai as it invariably travels in groups.
2. Ground feeders.
3. Respected even by hawks because they do not scatter away at signs of trouble but stand fast besides their comrades.
4. Common foster parent for Large Hawk-Cuckoo and Pied Crested Cuckoo.
5. Rather brave, the picture of the bird with its feathers all puffed up was shot when that individual came to scare me off!!

Striated Prinia

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Prinia criniger
Nepali Name: सुया घाँसेफिस्टो (Suya Ghansefisto)