Rock Bunting

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Emberiza cia
Nepali Name: शिला बगेडी Shila Bagedi

Grey-backed Shrike

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Nepali name: हिमाली भद्राई (Himali Bhadrai)

Streaked Laughingthrush

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Trochalopteron lineatum
Nepali Name: छिर्के तोरीगाँडा Chirke Torigaada

1. Doesn’t congregate in large parties.
2. Whistler mentions that the nests of this bird is frequently parasitized by Indian and Pied Crested Cuckoo.

White-throated Redstart

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Phoenicurus schisticeps
Nepali Name: सेतोकण्ठे खञ्जरी Seto Kanthe Khanjari

Red-billed Chough

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Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
Nepali Name: टुङगा Tunga

1. One of the most noticeable birds of the high altitudes in Nepal, as noisy as they are gregarious. Can gather in groups that literally blot out the sky.
2. Awesome acrobats and very fearless just like its most familiar cousin.
3. Found in coexistence with its yellow-billed brother and yak dung.


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Alectoris chukar
Nepali Name: च्याखुरा Chyakhura / चुकर Chukar

1. Every village near Manang is filled with the incessant chuck-chukor of this bird during the mornings. Was seen going around in large parties in early May near Manang.
2. National bird of Pakistan.