White-capped Redstart

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Chaimarrornis leucocephalus
Nepali Name: सेतो टाउके जलखञ्जरी (Seto Tauke Jalkhanjari)

1. A staple bird of Himalayan streams right from the lowlands to high mountains. Descends during the winter and goes up to breed.
2. Very territorial during the breeding season.
3. Rather animated and cheerful behavior.
4. Males have a slightly larger head cap.

Mountain Bulbul

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Ixos mcclellandii
Nepali Name: कैलोपेटे जुरेली Kailopete Jureli

Rufous-gorgeted Flycatcher

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Ficedula strophiata
Nepali Name: सेतो टिके अर्जुनक (Seto Tike Arjunak)